Saturday, 4 November 2017

On November

Hi Guys.
How are you all?
It's been some time (again).

I am quite a fan of numerous aspects of November. I love Autumn (which I did way before it became 'a thing'). I love getting cosy. Thanksgiving is also possibly my second favourite holiday of the year (despite being British). It's such a lovely holiday; it's like Christmas with the food, merryment and decorations but without the stress and commitment of gifts. It's just about being thankful and grateful. Of all my time spent in America, that time of year was definitely one of my favourite parts. 

With that in mind, here are some updates and things I am currently really thankful. 

Big News. I moved out! Hopefully there will be some more on this to come (the stress, the ups and downs, the packing, oh my word the packing). It's exciting and scary and fun. I am full on adulting now. 

Following from that, I am falling back in love with make up again. Now, I didn't exactly fall out of love, but what with making my morning routine as slick and quick as possible, I used about three products and that was it. But now I have more time (shorter commute for the win!) I am rediscovering everything I used to love about taking that bit more time with make up. (I even ordered the Morphe palette on my lunch break..I regret nothing, it's incredible).

A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara. If you take any notice of any books I ever mention or that anyone recommends, read this. It is incredible. I have never, ever, been so utterly absorbed and invested in a book. I genuinely felt as though I knew the characters and they were a part of my life. Honestly, one of the best books I have ever read. 

Our building has a gym so I am finally getting back into exercising. My confidence in regards to fitness and body image has definitely become something that I have become more aware of since not doing any exercise at all so I am so happy that I can now get this back on track. I am also currently very motivated; I need to do something to counteract all the new Christmas beverages! 

Glossier. They finally ship to the UK! I know that this is not news at all, but I have ordered some of their products and thus far, am very impressed! Watch this space for more details. (Also, the packaging is worth placing an order alone). 

I also want to say thank you to everyone who has followed this blog over the years, and to the newcomers. It's been a bit of a slow journey here recently, but I am working on it. This year has been difficult in more ways than one and The Kazlight Anthem has fallen by the wayside. But I have plans on numerous levels, so please bear with me. 

Thank you all and here's to November! 


Tuesday, 20 June 2017

On Taste of London 2017

Have you ever been to Taste of London Festival? It is so good! It is rated as being one of the best Food Festivals in London and definitely deserves that title (I haven't been to any others but I ended up going to this one two days running and was not at all disappointed so I feel I am safe in giving my opinion here). 

As with all festivals, you buy a ticket and then have free reign throughout the event. It is basically stalls and stalls and stalls of food and drink. Held in Regent's Park it is of course in a great location and easy to get to.
There are samples galore. You can go most of the day without actually spending that much and still feeling full. Nearly every stall has samples of some kind or are giving away something free. All in the name of promotion and deliciousness! 

Then there are the plates you can buy. They are around £4-12 for a dish and are so good. Each of the restaurants there does some of their signature dishes (on small scale and takeaway plates so you can gorge on everything) and some fancier ones especially for the Festival. There are differrent dishes across the days. These are so good. We tried one of our favourite restaurants, Balls and Company as they had Squid Ink dishes which we hadn't tried. I could not recommend enough! There are restaurants such as Temper that become so much more accessible to try. The cocktails are incredible as well. You could get ones in a whole pineapple! 
There is a whole range of food and bevbevs and something to please everyone.

The Festival is over for this year, but definitely go next year! We ended up going both Saturday and Sunday (long story) and loved both days!
It's definitely a lot of fun in a group. I would say that it is not reeeeally the best place for children; the majority of the beverages there are alcholic. 

Speaking of; did I mention the masterclasses? We did a Gin one with Sipsmith (free!) and it was incredible! You can learn so much.
And there are all the food masterclasses and shows and all the fancy stuff. We did a 'Become your own Barista' class with illy; I was abismal. You can see my latte up above; but it tasted good! There are also a load of start ups meaning that you get to try brand new products. 

It's a really great day out and I will be reminding you all to go next year if you are a foodie (or drinkie...)

Would you go?

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

On Recent Reads

I have somewhat at least mentioned (I think?) that I have been absolutely ploughing through books lately. I don't remember the last time I read this many books. It is honestly the one, and I mean the one good thing about commuting. 
So here are some of the books I have loved recently and am definitely recommending!

This is a must for Gilmore Girls lovers. It's a really great, quick easy read that will make you want to re-re-rewatch Gilmore Girls and A Year In The Life and fall back in love with Lorelai and Rory all over again. It is autobiographical and sees Lauren go through her childhood, how she got into acting and everything in between. Including all thoughts on the latest episodes of Gilmore Girls - the end if a cliffhanger right?! Right?!

This was such an original read and not one that I had ever been planning on reading (I acquired it as a bitter act of revenge when a doctor's appointment was stupidly delayed and refused to swap for another book ... ) Yet it was really good. I loved all of the characters and felt all of their emotions and would genuinely be unsure what to do in their situation also. A young couple who live in a lighthouse discover a washed up boat with a man and a baby inside and it follows their subsequent lives. It's a great story of the distance that love can go. 

This one I had been wanting to read for a little while (I'd heard so much!) Following the remaining time of her Father's life, Kyo begins to explore what life really means and what we can make of it. She begins to follow a birdwatcher and learns how the small and significant can be the things that really mean the most. This is one of those books (such as Marina Keegan's The Opposite of Loneliness) that will go into a special section of my bookshelves for those books that give more meaning to the more mundane and ordinary lives. One of those books that makes you want to do what you love and pursue your dreams more. 
The book is also filled with little drawings and is written really beautifully. And I am by no means at all interested in birds, but this did make me start to pay more attention to them!

I mentioned this in my last post; I got through this literally in a few days. And I as I finished the last few pages I litrally sat there going Ohmygosh!!!!! Even to the final paragraph. There are a lot of narartors going on here and it does jump around a lot which some people have said they found difficult to follow. But for me I just felt it added to the mystique and intrigue. If you enjoyed Girl on the Train, then you will definitely like this one. I think it is a much better story (and I loved Girl on the Train), but the characters have a bit more depth and it sucked me in a lot more. 

I could carry on with this list, but I think I will save my further recommendations for now...but let me just say that Kate Atkinson has become of my new all time favourite authors. Life After Life anyone?!

Let me know your thoughts and any recommendations please send forth!